At Touchstone...
we create sales software.

We create software that is by salespeople, for salespeople.

At Touchstone...
design matters.

Beautifully designed software means ease of use.

At Touchstone...
we go beyond CRM.

We create SSG software; Sales Success Generation.

At Touchstone...
we want to revolutionize.

We create software that is designed to revolutionize the sales industry.

We Are Touchstone Media Group.
Dedicated to creating technology
by salespeople, for salespeople.

We're not a technology company creating business software with sales components.
We're a sales company creating sales technology designed by, and for, people who sell.

Revolutionary Tools
Designed by Salespeople

In the beginning, we set out to create a management tool for our growing sales company. What we ended up with was a revolutionary new sales system. It's our mission to stick to those roots.

Beautiful Design
More Signal, Less Noise

We believe in a perfect balance of form and function. We strive to design sales tools that are filled with functionality, yet extremely easy to use; allowing you to do what you do best - sell.

Fingertip Functionality
Breaking Down Cubicle Walls

Our products are designed to get you out of the office, without losing productivity. Our mobile sales tools will always be a touch away, when you're away. Yes, even at the beach.

Introducing Loupe.
The Beyond CRM, CRM.

We're proud to present our flagship product, Loupe. Loupe goes beyond CRM to SSG: Sales Success Generation.

All sides of the sales process in one Loupe.

Loupe is designed to put all aspects of the sale right at your fingertips. From tracking prospects and generating leads, to managing appointments and jobs, Loupe gives you the tools you need to be a successful seller.
Think of Loupe as your sales sidekick.

Beyond CRM to SSG
Sales Success Generation

Let’s face it: Simple CRM has run its course. It’s time to revolutionize sales with SSG.

SSG leverages evolving technology to embrace not just the client relationship but the entire sales cycle.

Why settle for CRM? Choose SSG. Choose Loupe.


Prospects Entered


Appointments Ran


Jobs Sold



What moves Loupe beyond CRM to SSG?

SSG doesn’t wait until a customer is a customer to engage. It goes to work the first time you knock on the door.

SSG gives you the individual and team stats you need to help your sales professionals and your organization win.

SSG lets you quit bouncing from one program to another to check addresses, metrics, locations and more. It puts it all at your fingertip.

SSG lets you work the way you work … it’s flexible enough to accommodate individual strengths without compromising team potential.

SSG is your secret weapon. It gives you the edge with the information and updates you need NOW … all in your touchscreen device.

SSG moves your business the way you want it to go: up and to the right.

One application. Many features.

Quit bouncing from one program to another … get in the Loupe.

It’s a Date
Easy Event Scheduling

Manage schedules, create appointments, get reminders, sync calendars and more.

Customer Connections
Automated Emailing

Keep customers “In the Loupe” with follow-up emails, reminders and other information.

Map It
Dynamic Global Maps

See your business’ footprint from a bird’s-eye view to track progress or scout new territories.

Secret Weapon
Track Your Touch

Manage every prospect you touch, from initial lead to satisfied buyer, and all the milestones along the way.

Performance Check
Personal & Team Performance

Analyze metrics to help you grow your business, from individual sales to team productivity.

Safe Success
Cloud Comfort Security

Rest assured: All of your data and customer information is safe with us.

Put your business on the map.

See your business’ complete footprint on Loupe’s integrated map, from prospects to signed customers. Zoom out for successes and opportunities; zoom in for info on individual customers.

Keep your finger on the pulse.

See today’s appointments, update ticket statuses and access customer information with a quick touch … and without jumping from one program to another.

Get centered.

Loupe goes beyond the touchscreen device. Access data and information from anywhere via Loupe Center, where you’ll find analytics, file sharing, a training module and more. Loupe Center will always have your back.

Loupe has layers.

Most CRM tools track only active customers. Not Loupe. It tracks everyone you touch … from “Not right now” to “Where do I sign?”

Get in the Loupe. Request a demo today.

Loupe has given my team members the guidance to know exactly where we have targeted as a company in the past and helps to identify the low hanging fruit.

Matt Duncan, National Developer - Apex Energy Group

Loupe has taken us to a new level of efficiency and professionalism in Minneapolis and we are projecting record sales in part to the Loupe application.

Curt Collar, Owner - Apex Energy Solutions of Minnesota

Loupe has been a game changer when it comes to referring prospective customers to our past customers in their area.

John Jackson - Galaxy Corp

Loupe User Spotlight: Apex Energy Group

Apex has helped pioneer Loupe into the software it is today. For over three years, Apex has made Loupe an integral part of their sales strategy and have seen dramatic results. Watch the video to hear their story.


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